I’ve tried blogging before. Part of me feels like it’s dumb…like, who cares what I think? Then the other part of me enjoys writing, sharing stories, and helping others learn from my mistakes – ha!

I’ll just start with a little introduction. My name is Ashlee Heartt and I live in Southern California. I am married with 3 kids; a 7-year-old boy, a 4-year-old girl, and a 2-year-old boy. I’m originally from Georgia. I lived there for 27 years until 2010, when I moved to California to start my life over. More on that later. Now, I basically dole out snacks, change diapers, clean up, do laundry, and frantically move from one thing to the next.

Yay for motherhood!

Home Decor // Mudroom

The best thing about being married to a general contractor’s son is that my hubby can build anything. Anything! I wanted a train table for my son and he whipped one out in a weekend. He can hang a picture on the wall in no time. Shelves? Done. So fast.
He’s currently working on a room addition in our backyard with his dad and brother. It’s so nice to have someone so handy! I hope he’s able to pass those skills on to our kids.

I HATED this ugly closet/”office” space in our entry hallway. So I drew a picture of what I wanted (a cute mudroom and book shelf combo), passed it on to Ryan, and this is how it turned out! I LOVE IT.

Mudroom Before & After

We added shelving to the left to be able to display our books. The hooks and clear baskets on the right are for the kid’s jackets, backpacks, and school stuff. The 4 baskets at the bottom hold each kid’s shoes and one holds all of our hats. Here is another pic after I added our books (in a rainbow pattern because I might have a touch of OCD).

Paint: Benjamin Moore – Tranquility & White Dove
Brown Baskets: Cost Plus World Market
Clear Baskets: Target

Socially Distant Happy Hour

“Social distancing”. Who the hell thought that phrase would be the theme of 2020?! These are strange times. I miss meeting up with friends for happy hour, so I decided to have a socially distant one. I found these cute tags here and split up a 6 pack of Mango White Claws (my new fave) and dropped off these cute little packs on my friend’s doorsteps. We sent pics of ourselves to each other in our group text. I’m ready to CHEERS in real life, but this was fun for now!

Socially Distant Happy Hour
Cheers from a Social Distance!


I don’t know where to start with this blog…so let’s start with my favorite things. I would say these are in no particular order, but there’s something to be said for what pops into my mind first. 😉

1 – Wine
2 – True Crime
3 – Fun Family Outings (OMG, I put wine and true crime before them. What is wrong with me?!)
4 – Reading (Thrillers, Self-Help)
5 – Home Decor
6 – Graphic Design
7 – Organization
8 – Comedy
9 – Kate Spade Purses
10 – Beach
11 – Podcasts
12 – Target
13 – Music
14 – Fall and everything that comes with it – Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas!

Just your stereotypical “basic bitch”. 😉